Medical Report Writing Assessment Details

Starting from 2nd May we will be studying Medical Writing. On 2nd and 3rd May we will have 6 lessons. You will be taught on the details of how to write a Medical Report. From then on you will have 12 days until 15th May to submit your essay. How will you proceed?

1. Find a partner to work with. If you would like to work individually then you are free to do so.
2. Decide on a topic to work on.
3. Share it with other students in your What’s up or Facebook group so that no two topics are the same.
4.Let us know about your decision latest on 2nd May.
5.We will look at your topics and let you know whether they are ok to proceed.
6.Write your essay.
7.Submit your essay on 15th May 3rd lesson hour.
8. 16th May- FINAL EXAM (Details were explained in Pop-up)
9. On 23 May and 25 May we will have 4 hours to listen to your presentations.
10. Presentations should not be more than 5 mins.Both partners should take turns to contribute to the presentation

Last of all, we are approaching the end of the year…I really hope you enjoyed taking this lesson and benefited from it. Wishing you all the best …

Ayşe Kozansoy
Course Organiser

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